4 Ways to Give Your Business the Cleanest Web Designs

1.5 billion.

That’s how many websites occupy the Internet today. Each day, new, better-looking ones are launching.

With new trends emerging monthly, how can you keep up? Before you know it, your website’s design is outdated.

Trying to keep up with the masses, you throw every single trend into your design. Before you know it, your site is nothing but a cluttered, sensory-overload mess.

Visitors are leaving at a rapid pace which means your bounce rate is through the roof.

Your website shouldn’t just look appealing. It plays a huge role in the kind of user experience you want to portray. To keep visitors on longer, you need one of the cleanest web designs around.

Ready to find out how to achieve this?

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1. Get Rid of Clutter

First things first, you need a clean slate. That starts with getting rid of unnecessary elements.

Think of your website like a grocery store. If you were to walk into one where everything is jumbled and unorganized, how can you expect to find what you’re looking for? You’d be out of there in a matter of minutes due to frustration.

Everything needs to have its own place. After nixing clutter, organize what’s left.

2. Prime Content Above the Fold

You have 15 seconds to grab visitors’ attention. As soon as they log onto your site, you need to impress.

How can you achieve this?

By placing your most important information above the fold. The “fold” is similar to a newspaper. You can see all the eye-catching headlines without unfolding the paper.

Apple’s website is a good example. They let you know what deals they have or what new phone is coming out without having to scroll to see it.

3. Readability Is Key

You never want a visitor to be unable to read content on your site. Keep things contrasted by using a lot of white space with black text or vice versa.

For fonts, keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with fancy, handwritten fonts. If you have trouble reading it, chances are, your visitors will too.

4. Keep the Colour Palette Simple

Don’t overwhelm visitors by using all the colours of the rainbow. It’s best to choose about two to three. One dark, one light, and one accent.

Or, you can go with the limited colour palette. This uses variations of grey paired with one colour. This keeps it simple and won’t strain visitors’ eyes.

The Cleanest Web Designs Around

Achieving one of the cleanest web designs doesn’t happen overnight. It’ll take some time and it’s guaranteed you’ll make mistakes.

But that’s the beauty of web design, it’s never permanent. You can always go back and change what’s not working.

It’s important not to forget the user experience, however. After all, visitors become customers and customers are the heart of every business.

Don’t consider yourself tech-savvy? Allow us to create a beautiful site for you through our web development service!

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