7 Pro Ways to Leverage Machine Learning Marketing in Your Ad Campaigns

Digital ads are becoming the way to drive up lots of revenue for companies: their total revenue went past 100 billion dollars back in 2018. So why wouldn’t you get on this train?

However, there’s such a wide variety of digital marketing techniques to choose from. Video ads, static pictures, banner ads…how do you find the best one? 

What if we told you the secret to all that lies in a sort of artificial intelligence? You’d wonder what benefits this marketing can bring to you, right?

Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got 7 pro ways to leverage machine learning marketing in your ad campaigns! But enough talk: let’s do this thing!

1. Machine Learning Marketing Spares You The Mental Work

Advertisements have to determined by a ton of factors, which can range from how long your ad will appear on a certain site to how the ad will appear across different sites. In the old days, this was solved out manually before starting. 

Machine learning marketing, however, will keep track and even sometimes compute all the various algorithms and specs you need for your ads, lowering the chance of human error.

2. Personalization? They Got It

Machine learning marketing can also help your ad campaign feel more “real” and less corporate to a customer, which can increase the chance they decide to click on your ad. This can appear in everything from putting chatbots with witty responses on your ad page or have programs that monitor what your customers gravitate towards to, then recommend products based on those results.

3. Adapts To The Market On The Fly

Let’s say you’ve gone in big on selling Avengers toys. Out of the blue, a scandal at Disney happens. Toy sales start tanking faster than you can react.

Normally, you’d be in some trouble. A.I. marketing, however, can catch when prices or the market change and adjust your prices immediately to keep you competitive and in the game.

4. It Creates Attractive User Interfaces

Without a strong user interface that gives the customer what they need right away, they’ll leave your site for a different one, giving you a high bounce rate. Machine learning software can not only give you loads of data points on user experiences with other UI’s but can also help you compile that data and create a top-tier UI from scratch.

5. E-Mail Automation

One of the biggest tools A.I. marketing can hand you is the ability to run automated e-mails, which send out e-mails based on the choices a customer makes while on your site or interacting with your ads. With these, you can get out more marketing content to your customers super fast that are tailor-made for them.

6. See All And Hear All

Ok, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration. However, machine learning software can scroll through areas of the Internet like social media or review sites to find mentions of your company. It can then compile them together into a quick report so you can see not only what people are saying about you, but what trends there are in those statements.

7. It Knows The SEO

Using A.I. marketing also grants you a critical knowledge of how to use the SEO to your advantage. It can track trends in search engines like Google and even help create ads designed to aim at hitting every check on the SEO checklist.

The New Frontier

Congratulations! You now know all about 7 ways to improve your ads through machine learning marketing!

If you have more questions on A.I. marketing or the digital future of the marketing landscape, check out the other articles on our blog!

And don’t worry: we’re still a long way off from Skynet and the terminators.

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