Talking Friendly: A Customer Persona Improves Your Public Voice

customer persona

In a competitive market, businesses must go above and beyond their regular strategies to reach consumers. With a buyer persona, or customer persona as its also known, businesses can tailor their marketing strategy around what they believe is the ideal client.  There are different ways to utilize information from consumer’s shopping habits. Most consist of […]

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Rebrand Your Business?


Any small business that experiences a period of growth has to think about rebranding. It doesn’t work for every company, but rebranding could be what takes you to the next level. Going through a rebrand is a massive decision that’s going to end up being a ton of work on every imaginable level, so you […]

Is Digital Or Traditional Marketing Better For Growing Your Business?

traditional marketing

If you think digital marketing is the only viable marketing strategy, think again. Traditional marketing and digital marketing are both successful marketing methods. They’re also quite different from each other. Both are great marketing investments for all types of businesses, but which one is best?  Let’s go over the differences and benefits of traditional marketing and digital marketing. […]

Newsletter Design Ideas to Increase Clicks and Conversions

newsletter design ideas

If you’re looking to increase your conversion rates, then you might want to think about redesigning your business newsletter. A business newsletter can improve your branding and give your customers a chance to see what you’ve got going on behind the scenes. They’re great for boosting engagement and showcasing your latest promotions as well. When you’re […]

Tips for Developing and Improving Your Brand Image

brand image

Strong branding is crucial for survival in business, so why do so many companies fail at it? There’s no doubt that building a great brand is hard to do. One of the biggest problems for entrepreneurs, both young and old, is that they have a hard time defining what branding actually is. Is it your […]

Creative Lead Generation Ideas That Work

lead generation ideas

You can measure the strength of your marketing strategy on the number of leads it generates. No one said generating leads was easy. If you’re going to connect with an audience, your message has to be genuine and appealing. To get it right, you have to spend time crafting a strategy in order to get […]

Tips to Improve Your Site’s Ability to Generate Online Leads

online leads

About 80% of new leads never translate into sales. Meanwhile, 65% of businesses struggle to generate online leads and traffic to begin with. Failing to establish a strong lead generation system could leave you falling behind the competition. With the right generation strategies, though, you can start boosting online sales and your business. Ready to get growing? […]

How to Conduct Competitive Research in 5 Easy Steps

conduct research

The ability to conduct research effectively on your competition is one of the cornerstones of becoming a successful business. If more small businesses could do it, we wouldn’t be consistently looking at a 50 per cent failure rate within the first five years.  To stay out of that group, it’s important you take a methodical […]

Your Social Marketing Plan: How to Decide Which Social Media Platform to Use

Are you looking to vamp up your marketing strategy by introducing social media marketing but aren’t sure which social media platform you should be using? Well, we’re here to help you figure out exactly which social marketing plan you need to start using right away.  Social media is one of the number one places for […]

5 Competitive Research Best Practices for Outsmarting the Competition

how to find competitors of a company

A new competitor has joined the market and has stolen half of your customers. What do you do? To begin, you must figure out who this competitor is. There are a lot of things you need to know about your competitors to succeed. If you need to know how to find competitors of a company, […]