Small Business Sales: Why You Need to Focus on Lead Generation

lead generation

61% of marketers say that lead generation is their biggest challenge. It makes sense, then, that 53% of marketers spend at least half of their budget on lead generation. Suffice to say lead generation is hugely important but it’s not easy! If you can follow up on a lead within 5 minutes, that lead is […]

Built for Success: 6 Elements of a Highly Effective B2B Website

B2B website

Your website’s design has a 75% influence on your credibility. If your website is old, outdated, or slow, you could lose clients. Slow-loading sites lead to a $2.6 billion loss in revenue each year, too. About 88% of people won’t return to a site after a bad experience, either. Don’t let your B2B website cost […]

Why Every Business Needs a Brand Guide and How to Develop One

brand guide

Are you building a company brand? Whether you’re a start-up creating a brand from scratch or an established company resolving marketing inconsistencies, a brand guide is a requisite for business success. Brand awareness is the #1 goal for 89% of marketers. It’s easy to see why- the majority of investors, customers, and employees will select […]

Convince, Then Convert: How to Drastically Improve Your Website Copy

website copy

Converting users from your website is a dream for most business owners. Website conversions go hand in hand with web copy. Users need to enjoy your content to take targeted action.  You might be leaving sales on the table if you aren’t nailing your copy. Keep reading to check out this guide on how to improve […]

Social Media Marketing: Why Your Brand Voice Matters

brand voice

If you have your business, you know how important branding is. And it’s even more important in the digital world when social media platforms bring your competition to the forefront. There are a lot of elements that go into proper branding, but one of the most important is brand voice. Here are a few reasons […]

5 Remarkable Insights for Building an Effective Sales Funnel

sales funnel

Did you know that 92% of consumers aren’t ready to buy the first time they visit your website? And if your sales pipeline isn’t optimized to convert that traffic then you’re missing out on a substantial amount of possible sales.  To fully optimize every visitor to your business website, you need an effective sales funnel. […]

5 Digital Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Business

By 2021, there are set to be over 2 billion online shoppers around the world. That’s over a quarter of the world’s population! With so many people shopping online, it makes sense that your business should be there too. If you only have a storefront, you’re going to be missing out. But, with so many other brands […]

6 Lead Generation Strategy Techniques That You Should Know About

lead generation strategy

Did you know that 85% of content marketers say that lead generation is their top goal this year? If you’ve found yourself in this statistic, then you’re in the right place. Because we’ve got the top six lead generation strategies you can use to grow your business.  Make sure to keep reading and see which lead […]

4 Questions to Ask a Prospective Marketing Agency Before Hiring Them

marketing agency

Do you want to grow your online presence? Are you thinking about hiring a marketing agency but aren’t sure what qualities to look for? Hiring an experienced and professional marketing agency can be beneficial to your business. Most companies don’t have the knowledge or time to implement a strategy, so it’s better to seek out […]

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

digital marketing strategy

Did you know the average consumer sees 4,000 ads every day? How many do you think they really stop and look at? The answer is probably close to zero. So how can you get your product or service in front of your target audience? The answer lies in digital marketing. Don’t worry if you’re not completely […]