Do Your Workplace Ethics Translate to Your Digital Presence?

Does your digital footprint align with your ethics in the workplace? If not, it’s time take control of the narrative. 

Perception is everything. A less-than-flattering digital presence can speak volumes about a company—whether or not it’s true. 

Don’t miss these tips for maintaining a digital presence that showcases your company’s best qualities! 

Create a Social Media Policy

Are your employees going rogue on social media? This is a recipe for online reputation disaster.

Just look to the countless examples of employees going viral for all the wrong reasons. Within hours, a company’s reputation is on the line. 

One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to draft an official social media policy. This policy should clearly outline which behaviors are acceptable, and unacceptable, under the company name.

For example, create a policy that mandates employees to state that their opinions are their’s alone, and not those of the company. One way to implement this is to require employees to write, “views are my own and not of my employer”, in their social media profiles. 

A social media policy should also prohibit the following online behaviors from staff:

  • All forms of harassment
  • Lambasting the company online
  • Explicit posts and language
  • Hate speech  

Consider extending this policy to cover politically-charged content that may be offensive to certain audiences. 

Remember, online behaviour is just as important as offline behaviour when establishing ethics in the workplace. In fact, in this digital age, it may take precedence. 

Ethics in the Workplace Starts With Communication

Bad communication is a common culprit behind poor online reputations. While mistakes do happen, social media isn’t forgiving.

However, a pattern of poor online communication can indicate an even larger problem with ethics in the workplace. Remember, perception is everything!

Here are a few strategies to improve a damaged reputation:

  • Improve your customer service ASAP
  • Respond to social media messages in a timely manner
  • Don’t criticize customers on social media
  • Don’t be combative online
  • Don’t “like” or “share” offensive content
  • Don’t violate people’s privacy online
  • Listen before acting 

It’s always important to practice professionalism, compassion, and restraint when communicating online.

Online Reviews

Never underestimate the importance of online reviews. This includes the good, the bad, and yes, the business-ruining ugly. 

A whopping 97% of consumers read reviews before doing business. Ignore those 1-star reviews at your peril! 

If your business is buried in 1-star reviews, hope is not lost. You can always work with an online reputation specialist to redeem your company’s digital presence. 

In the meantime, consider the following strategies:

  • Deliver exemplary customer service (this encourages great reviews)
  • Respond to poor reviews with professionalism
  • Offer refunds or store credit to unhappy customers
  • Launch a customer rewards program

Don’t forget to share positive reviews on your company’s social media. This creates a positive perception of ethics in the workplace. It also pushes stellar reviews to the top of search engines. 

Your New Reputation Starts Now

Don’t let consumers get the wrong idea about your company. Make sure your digital presence reflects your values and ethics in the workplace.  

These tips are the start of your new online reputation. But it doesn’t stop there. Work with a specialist to ensure your reputation never takes a tumble again.

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