How to Use Hashtags for Social Media Growth

Did you know Instagram, a platform with over one billion users, happens to be one of the many social media sites that use hashtags? A hashtag is a tagged word or phrase with the hash or number symbol in front of it.

One of the many advantages of hashtagging is that it has been able to help users with their social media marketing. If you would like to find out how to use hashtags for your social media page, here are some great tips for getting started.

Find Popular Hashtags For Your Industry

You can easily find hashtags that will gain your posts more exposure by looking at other social media accounts with similar content. Make sure to note the tags that have the most engagement on posts, and use them on your content in the future. 

Include these hashtags as they are relevant to your marketing strategy. For example, if you make a post about a new product at a premium price, you may not want to use the hashtag for a discount code in the caption.

Even if your posts are not receiving the engagement you want them to, you can still get leads through more popular accounts in your niche with the same hashtags.

Design Hashtags Specific to Your Business

While using popular hashtags can bring in more of an audience to your social media content, you should also consider other factors. Sometimes going in the opposite direction, with unique tags, can be a great marketing strategy.

If your viewers know you have specific hashtags that you use for your product or branding, then they can quickly identify your posts. Create tags that relate to your content or product, and ensure that they can be easily searched by potential followers or customers.

It is often better to be more specific with your tags so that they are primarily used for your followers. You can also encourage your followers to use the tags in their own posts, which will direct more users to your page.

Consider the Platform You’re Using

Different social media platforms require hashtags that match the culture and the primary demographic of those websites. For instance, Facebook users tend to be older, so you might want to take a more conservative approach and use more familiar hashtags.

However, if you look at posting on Instagram or TikTok, these sites have a much younger user base. It might be better to look into what tags this age group uses that are much more popular.

Using tags can often be a good way to navigate a platform that has potentially billions of posts. Searching for the most used Instagram hashtags can provide you easily with thousands of results.

It’s Easy to Learn How to Use Hashtags

After you figure out how to use hashtags, you can gain more exposure on whatever you post. Would you like more tips and tricks on how to use social media marketing in your business or lifestyle account? Contact us today for more information.

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