Small Business Sales: Why You Need to Focus on Lead Generation

61% of marketers say that lead generation is their biggest challenge. It makes sense, then, that 53% of marketers spend at least half of their budget on lead generation. Suffice to say lead generation is hugely important but it’s not easy!

If you can follow up on a lead within 5 minutes, that lead is 9 times more likely to convert to a paying customer! But how do you follow up within 5 short minutes?

And how do you generate enough leads to make it worth more than half of your marketing budget?

While some of these stats may seem discouraging, it’s important to stay realistic and to be prepared for your business. With the right plan in place, your business can thrive. Automated lead generation and conversions can drive your business into the future.

Lead generation is an art as much as a science and it takes practice to develop the skill. The following are some of the most successful generation tactics used by businesses.

Social Media

For most businesses, the two most important social media platforms on which to maintain a regular presence are Twitter and Facebook. 82% of social media leads are referred from Twitter. 42% believe Facebook is an important part of their business strategy.

Content Marketing

Does your company have a blog? If not, you should! Companies with blogs are 13 times more likely to drive positive ROIs!

Content marketing also generates 3 times as many leads as outbound and costs 62% less!

Email Marketing

Many business owners consider email marketing to be their bread and butter. It delivers the highest ROI of any strategy at a whopping 4400%! Studies show that 1 pm is the ideal time to send email marketing to get the best CTR (click-through rates).

B2B (Business to Business)

If you do B2B lead generation, your stats are a little different and your strategy will vary slightly. Events might be your best bet for lead generation. In B2B, events generate leads at 68% and have an impressive conversion rate of 55%.

Statistics are crucial to creating and implementing a business plan. Some of the most pertinent stats for lead generation can be found on Startup Bonsai. It’s a wealth of information for any business owner.

Outsourcing Lead Gen

Lead generation is, no doubt, crucial to any business strategy these days. Finding the right generation method for your business requires knowledge, testing, and experience. The process is fluid, and your team needs to respond immediately to changes in your market.

Why not trust your lead generation to a team of professionals who are dedicated to your success? This puts you ahead of the learning curve. It also removes the worry about which strategy would work best for your company.

Outsourcing generates 43% better results than in-house lead generation. In light of those figures, isn’t it best to hire a professional team?

Infinite Possibilities with Lead Generation

Here at Infinite Design House, our team specializes in B2B lead generation. We help businesses like yours every day. 

Book a call to discuss your next lead generation strategy. Why wait when your next lead is just a click away?

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