How to Market Your Social Media


If your business isn’t on social media, you really are missing out on the world’s biggest market. It has literally half the world and puts it right at your fingertips, making it almost foolish not to put it to use. If you’re just getting on social media, or struggling to see results, you could use […]

Reel Talk: 7 Benefits of Using Reels in Instagram Content Marketing

instagram content

There are over one billion users on Instagram, making it the second most crowded social app after Facebook. Luckily, the Instagram algorithm favours accounts that are engaging with Reels.  Instagram Reels is modelled after TikTok, with features to create highly addictive videos with cinematic cuts, music, stickers, and effects. Like with any social media, early adopters […]

5 Tips to Build a Successful LinkedIn Strategy

linkedin strategy

Though TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram garner a lot of screentime from folks, LinkedIn is not to be ignored in your social media strategy.  In fact, there are over 756 million users worldwide on LinkedIn. That’s millions of people you can reach through your LinkedIn page and posts. Of course, you aren’t going to gain millions […]

Facebook Page Optimization: 5 Tips for Marketers

Facebook Page Optimization

Facebook has more than 2.8 billion monthly users. That’s a huge audience to tap into, and you don’t want to miss out on it as a business. But how do you tap into that market and find the paying customers that are interested in your business? The answer lies in Facebook page optimization. Are you […]

4 Common UX Mistakes to Avoid


Your website is your busiest salesman. But what do you do if that salesman is confusing, makes people wait, and makes the wrong first impression? You give him the boot (and redesign him).  Here are the four most common mistakes small and medium-sized businesses make when it comes to user experience (UX).  1. They Use Sticky […]

Our Favourite Social Media Scheduling Apps

Social Media Scheduling

Juggling numerous social media accounts can be challenging. You have to constantly remember what to post when, which voice to use and how to tailor each post to each account. It can be exhausting. Thankfully, social media scheduling apps can help us do all of that with just a little bit of planning and forethought. But which are the […]

Grow Your Business and Widen Your Audience: 4 Essential Instagram Marketing Tips

instagram marketing tips

It should come as no surprise that having a solid marketing strategy is one of the key components of a successful business. Most entrepreneurs are familiar with the utility and social media can provide. Instagram, in particular, has plenty of potential use for marketing. We’ve put together a brief guide with Instagram marketing tips to […]

4 Ways Working With Marketing Firms Can Improve Your Focus

Marketing firms

7 to 8 per cent of revenue is spent on marketing.  While these numbers vary, it still shows how much revenue is typically committed toward a marketing campaign. But it also reveals how much money is lost if a business isn’t creating an effective marketing campaign.  This is why businesses should consider hiring marketing firms. […]

LinkedIn Marketing: An Amazing Opportunity for B2B Outreach and Sales

LinkedIn marketing

Businesses who embrace LinkedIn marketing generate 277% more leads on average than those who market on other popular social networks. If your brand isn’t marketing on LinkedIn, it’s time to start. Keep reading to learn why and a few tips for success. Why LinkedIn Marketing? LinkedIn marketing strategy is proven to help marketers with customer acquisition. […]

Why You’re Not Popping up on The Front Page: SEO Mistakes


Are you working around the clock optimizing your copy and spending money o SEO and marketing strategy and still not finding yourself on the front page?  Google’s algorithms are constantly changing and it can be challenging to keep up with SEO best practices. However, there are some key SEO mistakes that can be fatal for […]