4 Common UX Mistakes to Avoid


Your website is your busiest salesman. But what do you do if that salesman is confusing, makes people wait, and makes the wrong first impression? You give him the boot (and redesign him).  Here are the four most common mistakes small and medium-sized businesses make when it comes to user experience (UX).  1. They Use Sticky […]

Tips for Developing and Improving Your Brand Image

brand image

Strong branding is crucial for survival in business, so why do so many companies fail at it? There’s no doubt that building a great brand is hard to do. One of the biggest problems for entrepreneurs, both young and old, is that they have a hard time defining what branding actually is. Is it your […]

Creating a Professional PowerPoint Presentation: 3 Essential Tips

professional powerpoint presentation

PowerPoint presentations have been around for many years, and they continue to be an important tool in all sectors of the professional world. Their ease of use and their ability to explain any detail have made them a popular tool of the trade. However, a professional PowerPoint presentation can sometimes be a tricky matter to […]

4 Ways to Give Your Business the Cleanest Web Designs

1.5 billion. That’s how many websites occupy the Internet today. Each day, new, better-looking ones are launching. With new trends emerging monthly, how can you keep up? Before you know it, your website’s design is outdated. Trying to keep up with the masses, you throw every single trend into your design. Before you know it, your site […]