What Is Mobile Advertising and Why Does Your Business Need It?

The average adult checks their phone 80 times a day. That’s 80 missed marketing opportunities if your business isn’t using mobile advertising yet.

Can you really afford to lose out on such a lucrative advertising channel?

Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly popular as a way to snag immediate sales, boost brand awareness, and encourage local footfall into retail premises.

Keep reading to discover your beginner’s guide to tapping into the mobile market as soon as possible.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing actually comprises more than just mobile-friendly adverts.

It’s a combination of strategies such as SMS, social media, and email. It’s not just smartphones, either: a good mobile marketing strategy spans tablets, laptops, and even wearable tech.

Mobile marketing works well when it is highly targeted. Geographic marketing, for example, can increase sales for restaurants.

Push notifications when a user enters a geographic area increase the likelihood of an immediate sale. A user is already nearby, so nudges with relevant messages can push an undecided buyer into a customer.

Three Tips for a Supercharged Mobile Advertising Strategy

The trick behind successful mobile advertising is to tap into immediate buyer behavior. Develop a strategy to snag more sales with these hot tips.

1. Make Your Emails Mobile Friendly

More than half of emails are opened on a mobile device – so if they’re hard to read, full of graphics, or slow to load, you’re in trouble.

Make sure your emails are short, responsive for mobile, and get the point across quickly. Mobile users check their emails while they’re out-and-about and juggling several tasks – so say what you need to say quickly before they’re distracted again!

2. Target Your Messages with Data Segmentation

There’s little point in telling someone in Calgary about a special one-night-only offer for your Toronto branch.

Segment your data to send out more targeted emails and notifications to your customers. Use their browsing and purchase history, location, even age to create segments of buyer personas.

This will help your customers feel a more personal connection with your brand, and increase the likelihood of a sale.

3. Use Mobile-Preferred Advert Language

People surfing the web on their smartphone while they commute on the train to work are unlikely to be able to download a 100-page whitepaper.

Mobile users are on-the-go which means their attention span is even shorter than when they’re sat at a desktop. Short, snappy, easy-to-understand calls to actions will improve your conversion rates.

Adjust the language in your mobile adverts to create short, easy-to-read, and actionable instructions. Run an offer to claim an immediate online discount, for example, to encourage users to click through and complete an action.

Analyze Your Data for a Successful Mobile Strategy

A successful mobile advertising campaign relies on understanding each customer persona and targeting your messages accordingly.

Your business holds a goldmine of data – but do you know how to really use it? We specialize in taking your customer habits and turning them into proven ROI. Call us today to find out how it works.

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