Branding, Kajabi website, Course creation, Membership creation, Social Media and Lead Generation

Taunya Zipse

August 2019

Tauyna had a successful offline counselling practice but was overwhelmed with how to bring it online. She had proven concepts but was looking for a team help her execute online. We created a beautiful re-branded custom themed website on the Kajabi platform as well as her first course and two membership programs.

Taunya Zipse – Testimonial

Relationship Therapist, Coach and Speaker

Before working with us Tauyna had a very basic website on Kajabi. It lacked brand consistency, strong call to actions, and was more of an awareness piece.

Through strategy calls, we created clear messaging of who she is and what she has to offer and created a beautiful custom themed website for Taunya on the Kajabi platform as seen below.

We also created, branded, and  successfully launched an online course (Uncage Your Emotions), lead magnet, and two membership programs (The Pause Parenting Method & The Pause Couples) each having their own funnel.

We created a custom intro video for her courses (seen below) as well as a custom intro video for her speaking opportunities for her to be introduced when speaking.

We created a social media campaign which included video and image ads (seen below). to promote her course Uncage Your Emotions.


Ultimately, we created an entire value ladder and product suite for her online business which is fully integrated with an evergreen process where the customer can sign up and start immediately, all seamless on the Kajabi platform.

Taunya Zipse – Worksheets for her courses

Taunya is now spreading her message on stages across in the world, in high level masterminds, as well as continuing to serve her local community.

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