Reel Talk: 7 Benefits of Using Reels in Instagram Content Marketing

There are over one billion users on Instagram, making it the second most crowded social app after Facebook. Luckily, the Instagram algorithm favours accounts that are engaging with Reels. 

Instagram Reels is modelled after TikTok, with features to create highly addictive videos with cinematic cuts, music, stickers, and effects. Like with any social media, early adopters have the greatest ability to go viral.

Below we’ve shared seven benefits of Reels on Instagram. Keep reading to upgrade your Instagram content. 

1. Increased Engagement

The Instagram algorithm will do everything it can to promote its new feature. Since Instagram wants more people using Reels to compete with TikTok, it will promote your content to more of your audience. The result for you is increased engagement which in turn results in more potential customers.

2. Stand Out 

If you have a smaller following, about less than 300,000, it is important to use hashtags to reach your niche. When you do use a hashtag on a reel there is a greater chance of it being featured as the first post in a hashtag search.

This comes back to the same reasoning mentioned earlier. Instagram is currently trying to promote reels to its users. This way others might be inspired to create or watch reels.

3. Duration

Reels are an excellent opportunity to show your business’ personality. Stories are meant to be sloppy and “in the moment.” However, Reels need an objective. An average attention span is eight seconds, so your Reel needs to capture an audience right away and add value to the duration of the 3-30 second clip.

4. Captivate Your Audience

Brands that use social media effectively don’t hard sell. They craft a voice that resonates with their target audience.

This voice should reflect your target audience’s current state, goals and aspirations. With so many features on reels, it is easy to be unique.

5. Convenience

Reels is almost like its own app. It has everything you need to film and edit quality content. Although uploading videos is available, you can create your Reel right in the Instagram app. You can either share it immediately or save it as a draft.

6. Repurpose Content

The great thing about Reels is there is an option to share them to your grid as well. Additionally, you can add an Instagram Reel to your story. Reels can also be downloaded to your phone to be shared across other social media.

7. Go Viral

Trending Reels, just like trending TikToks provide the opportunity to go viral which can exponentially boost your audience. Trends can vary by songs, edits, effects or filters, so pay attention to what is popular in your niche and create your own version.

Reach More People With Reels Instagram Content

The benefits of Reels make it clear that this is an opportunistic way to grow your following. A larger audience means more potential customers. The benefits of being an early user on Reels are endless. 

Video content is much more engaging than photos. Contact us today for Instagram content marketing tips using Reels!

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