Expert Tips on How to Create a Brand Identity on Social Media

With 3.5 billion social media users worldwide, a business must know how to create a brand identity. For many, the only interaction they will have with some businesses is on the internet, so the only impression you can give is digital

Having so much on the line, it would be wise to know exactly what goes into making a strong and impactful brand identity. With that, you can set yourself apart from the competition!

Identifying the Elements of Brand Identity

Brand Identity is similar to personality but reaches further. The identity is not only what you want your audience to perceive you as, taking what they think about you into consideration but also what you offer to those people.

There are important questions that any audience will ask that inherently get answered through the building of brand identity.

Brand Consistency

You need to make sure your message and your image are both the same across all forms of social media, which you should be using, at least the major platforms.

On all social media platforms, you need to use the same color scheme and basic imagery for:

The content can vary per social media site, and it is a good idea to make some variation, but the visual style should not. If there is no continuity across the brand, the audience will get confused, and it will be jarring.

Constant Content Creation

Not only visual consistency but keeping to a schedule is very important. Once you begin to develop an audience base, they expect quality content, and they expect it now.

Deciding on specific days can make a difference if you are going for a very engineered play on the numbers is one thing, but what is most important is that your posting is not irregular.

If you decide that you will release on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it should stay that way, unless you announce a change. Spotty content creation will cause your audience base to lose interest and go elsewhere.

Video content, especially as of late, has been a huge tool in drawing attention from new guests and holding onto existing. They easily offer value in the form of instructional items and entertainment or promotions as well.

Engage Your Audience

This means not only creating engaging content but being transparent and engaging with your audience. Talking to them, answering concerns, having a live chat option.

A huge boost for your brand is utilizing a live feed. Whether you are doing it on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, using live feed for a special “event” is an incredible tool for interaction with your guests.

This also means having a direct line for marketing and support communication. Users in this day and age don’t want to wait. They need their concerns listened to, and they need them addressed now. 

By having someone there when they need them (now) you establish your brand persona as one that cares and one that is ready to do anything required to support its audience.

Identifying How to Create a Brand Identity

You know your identity, and now you know how to create a brand identity. Your vision will be precisely the product presented to your audience. What better way to get a strong foundation on that branding than with the help of Infinite Design House

Let’s work together and take that branding concept to the next level with the web and design team!

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